Want to Read in Order?

All right, I did it–SLUTTY CHRISTIAN DIVORCEE is an ebook on Amazon. Really, it’s pretty much the same material you’ll find here, but this way, it’s all in order without a bunch of clicking and back-browsing, easy to stealthily read on your Kindle at the gym or on the subway or wherever. No, my given name isn’t Fluffy, but I had to use something, so I went the joke what-is-your-porn-star-name? route. Hopefully not too many people will recognize the street name and figure me out! Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

The price is cheap (would have made it even cheaper, but Amazon has a royalty-tier cut-off that made $2.99 the cheapest feasible price to go with), and I’ll be offering free days to bump my numbers up every once in awhile (and hopefully garner some reviews, even if they’re negative). If you read and like it, please do me a favor and spread the word, hooking a sister up. Working six different part-time jobs hasn’t been paying the bills lately, so I’m hoping this might help.

Many thanks! I appreciate your support!  xo


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