Giving It away for Free

In an effort to generate reader buzz, I put SLUTTY CHRISTIAN DIVORCEE up on Amazon for free this weekend. So far, numbers have been great! Hoping the upward trend continues, but I have to say, it feels really strange to know that so many people could possibly be reading it. One of the friends I confided in about the book even recommended it to her book club, so they’re reading it as their February selection. Very cool yet super weird to know that women I’m probably bumping into around town at kid events and the grocery store might have read all about (and discussed!) my errant sex life.

No more trouble on twitter this week, but I just followed a few more people, so hopefully things will stay cool. Most people are really nice there, so it was too bad someone had to call the cops on my party. But whatever–guess that’s life in general, right?


6 thoughts on “Giving It away for Free

  1. I read your blog from start to finish a few weeks ago. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog : it was an enjoyable read and clearly you have a talent for good writing. Others have commented on your honesty and openness and I agree that this is a defining feature of your blog.
    The blog is particularly interesting because of the mix of passionate faith and sexuality. You clearly express the idea that God loves you no matter what even you are about to do something that is not exactly biblical! It is rare to find a blog that includes a discussion of believing in the reality and guidance of the Holy Spirit as well as the highs and lows of anal sex. I like your healthy acceptance of self and the absence of excessive hand wringing brought about by guilt.
    The blogs important and lasting contribution is to present an inner dialogue that well describes one aspect of the human condition. It also highlights the fact that much of adult life is often lived in grey areas even when people have a particularly strong faith like you do.
    Please keep writing

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