Prioritizing in 2015

As you know, I haven’t been doing enough writing lately. And it isn’t just here–my YA career has suffered as well. Be that as it may, I wanted to give one last update before closing the year out and letting you in on a key resolution for 2015.

Anyway, here’s the Reader’s Digest condensed version of the rest of 2014:

Date 37 – Seven dates in the space of two weeks. I really thought he might have been “The One.” He told me he wanted me to pick out a house with him, where he wanted to get married, and where he wanted to be buried. And then he went MIA. When I drunk-texted him a month later, saying basically, Look–just tell me what I did wrong so I don’t make the same mistake with the next guy, he replied, You didn’t do anything wrong. It was just moving too fast. Seven months later, I found out this peach of a guy had (most likely) given me HSV-2.

Date 38 – I can’t write about him. For one thing, I’m pretty sure he’s psychically intuited that I’ve written about my love life online and is defensive about it. And for another, I fell in love with him hard. Our relationship lasted four months, ending back in July, but I’m still not over him. The story doesn’t seem to have completely wrapped with Date 38, though. In fact, we’re texting back and forth right now, as I type this. But maybe I’m just fooling myself. Probably. Although his cat really likes me, which I find amusing. Last time I was there, about a week ago, he kept giving me kitty-nose kisses (and he’s normally pretty antisocial with everyone except Date 38 himself).

And then there are the rest. Date 5 is still a friend with benefits (great benefits, as you know ;). Date 31 wants to steer clear of me and my HSV, so I haven’t seen him since some random angry-at-Date-38 sex back in June. Date 39 thought I was too nice for him to date (joke’s on him!). I’m still seeing Date 42, who’s actually famous in a geeky-cool sort of way (seriously–dude has almost 5000 friends on facebook; he holds a world’s record in his profession/sport), but I’m concerned he might share some key traits with my ex, so I’m not letting myself get too attached. Date 43 was another contender (a 50-something partner in the-profession-that-must-not-be-named who I was totally smitten with), but he turned out to be a bit enigmatic in ways I wasn’t so thrilled about. As in, is he mega-possessive or just bipolar? Couldn’t figure the guy out, but it’s over now anyway, so I need to just forget the way he took me all night, not asking permission, no matter how fulfilling it felt.

The rest aren’t really worth mentioning. Suffice it to say, I’m still struggling to find a guy who doesn’t want to have kids (one guy I met even told me he had embryos frozen in a local fertility clinic, ready to go!). Frighteningly enough, I can picture having a child with Date 38, and I’ve told him so. Can’t help but think that nugget of info has been rattling around in his brain since July, but yikes! God forgive me for even thinking such things!

Anyway, this is it. I’m saying goodbye and sailing (or, rather, flying) off into the sunset. It’s time to get more serious about my “real” writing again, since I need to sell another book in the traditional arena. As soon as I finish typing here, I’m going to pull my e-book off Amazon. A few months from now, this blog will disappear as well.

Thanks for reading and sharing in my journey. I wish you all well.



One thought on “Prioritizing in 2015

  1. It’s been more than a few months and the blog is still here. What gives?
    I hope the author, who seems like a sweetheart and hell of a catch, has found someone steady that appreciates her. Couldn’t help thinking in story after story of “dates”, many of whom she genuinely liked, that she was totally being used for the insane sex. Seriously, everything on the menu including anal, spanking, innocent librarian look, dirty talk, super-soaker vadge, etc. I fear giving it all up right away rarely leads to more than friends-with-benefits-type relationships which tend to be light on friendship, heavy on benefits. Fun and entertaining to read about, don’t get me wrong, but not easy on our hero’s heart. I wish her the best.

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