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Giving It away for Free

In an effort to generate reader buzz, I put SLUTTY CHRISTIAN DIVORCEE up on Amazon for free this weekend. So far, numbers have been great! Hoping the upward trend continues, but I have to say, it feels really strange to know that so many people could possibly be reading it. One of the friends I confided in about the book even recommended it to her book club, so they’re reading it as their February selection. Very cool yet super weird to know that women I’m probably bumping into around town at kid events and the grocery store might have read all about (and discussed!) my errant sex life.

No more trouble on twitter this week, but I just followed a few more people, so hopefully things will stay cool. Most people are really nice there, so it was too bad someone had to call the cops on my party. But whatever–guess that’s life in general, right?



In an effort to get the word out about my ebook, I went on twitter yesterday and befriended a bunch of people I actually know, in addition to a bunch of people I tangentially know. Someone, however, wasn’t happy and reported me as a spammer or something. Hopefully twitter will restore the people I had following me and vice versa, but I have to say, now I’m feeling a little gun-shy about getting back on there and making an effort to self-publicize. No, I didn’t expect everyone to like me or what I have to say, but the direct attack caught me off guard. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens next, being a little more careful who I friend and who I mention.